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Corporation is a Story

When it comes to giving your clients a good first impression, nothing communicates your personality and services like a film. 93% of marketers agree that film has increased their brand awareness; it's the modern world's first handshake.


We want to tell your story in the most succinct and engaging way possible. This is why we go the extra mile to get to know the businesses that we work with, whilst our in-house team and equipment keep things affordable.


96% of People look for films to learn more about a product or service. We've seen first-hand that great films almost double conversion rates when it comes to securing work, funding or sales.


Our unique production model allows us to deliver value you just won't find anywhere else. We also eliminate unwanted time wastage of bringing in outside hires or renting kit, meaning that we have more time to focus on meeting our clients' needs.


We specialise in producing films that are compatible across a number of platforms. Whether your videos are for corporate events, meant to be displayed on massive screens or mobile phones, we've got it covered, without any loss in quality.

Our Clientele

The Money Maze Podcast is in the top 1% of Global Podcasts.

Each episode they talk to a leading figure from the finance and investment management industry, where the host Simon Brewer draws out helpful advice and insights from leaders in the real life money maze.

We have worked with them on content for their Human Resources department, including UK and US Recruitment films 'Find your Perfect Fit' as the brand grows ever larger, always ensuring they have the right personnel for the job at hand.

ZScaler is one of the fastest growing cyber security and Zero trust leaders in their market. We worked together on an event for their existing and prospective customers showcasing what ZScaler can really do.

IG and England Cricket is one of the most iconic partnerships in sport, two of the biggest names in their respective industries, came together with CSM to host an IG customer event.

Mobeus asked us to work with them to deliver content for a number of their businesses that they have put significant investment into.

Deep Medical are using artificial intelligent to get rid of the NHS backlog. By understanding human behaviour and interpreting external data sources, Deep Medical can predict missed appointments with 90% accuracy. A forward-thinking start-up challenging global health inequality.

Giving your child the toolkit to build their confidence, manage their emotions and develop friendships, Role Models is fun, online and in-person learning for 3-13 year old delivered by friendly, experienced mentors.